What does it take to rank in CSGO

A Simplified explanation on the CSGO Ranking

There is no doubt that the CSGO game has won hearts of gamers all over the globe. Millions of people have made this game their addiction and are playing to the core day in and day out. But, there is something which not many CSGO players know about- The CS:GO Rankings. There is no doubt that a rank is given to every CSGO player but a deep understanding of what each rank depicts is a thing every player needs to know.

Talking about the different CSGO ranks, they range from the noobs to the elites like any other e-sports game. Playing this game is no less than a roller coaster and the same goes with the rankings too. After every high ranking, you can feel the game being ranked up and levels becoming tougher. At the same time, you can also feel the stress of your rank being dropped down by losing some battles.

No matter which rank player you are, you will definitely need some time to better yourself from the others and improve your CSGO ranking to enjoy the game on its next level of excitement.

How will you get a rank?

This question must have been asked by every CSGO player at least once in their gameplay experience. If you are a beginner in the CSGO gameplay, you will first need to learn the basics. The leveling system of this game ranges from 1 to 40 and is used every time at the rewarding time. Once, you have played for quite a long time,  medals will change color for every 40 times you rank up in the given year.

Your rank will not display until you have won ten competitive matches. For this, you will be placed in mixed games with different players of various ranks but the difficulty will be at the moderate level.

Each day you will be restricted to only two competitive wins until you register your 10th win. Assuming that you will win 2 fights per day, you can register your win on the 5th day on the game scoreboard.

Once you have got enough strips, the rank will be displayed below your username on the Start-screen. However, for seeing your teammates rank, you will need to be at the same party with them.

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What does my CS:GO ranking mean?

Starting with “Silvers” these players are at the bottom of the rankings where players have just started to play the game. In many cases, due to smurfs, the silver rank players may find it difficult to go towards the higher rank.

“Novas” is the middleman’s who have gained some knowledge of the gameplay as well as the tactics. They begin to learn about the smokes, pop-flashes, spray patterns and much other stuff.

The most advanced players are known to be “Master Guardian”. These players have a vast knowledge of almost every tool and can plan strategies to an absolute level of perfection.

The CSGO Rankings is not everything.

But, if you focus on the gameplay more than your associated ranking, your rankings will ultimately reach seamless heights.

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