Home maintenance is more than just cleaning your walls and ceiling twice or thrice a week. It is more than just sweeping the floor, changing the curtains, bedsheets, tablecloth, or arranging cabinets and stuff because home maintenance includes maintaining your appliances too. 

You may not notice it, but your appliances play a major role in your house chores and functions. Your refrigerator, air conditioners, drier, and dishwasher make your life convenient and your house comfortable. Sure, they have a long-life expectancy, but without proper maintenance, you could see yourself spending much on repairs. When your appliances get broken, it is recommended that you get an appliance repair from a professional.  

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Here are a few tips on how to make your appliances longer: 


Generally, a dishwasher can last up to nine years, but some just last less than five.  

To avoid exhausting your dishwasher, you can help it by running the water until it hits up before putting all the dishes. This is because a lot of its work goes to water heating.  

And before you turn it on, you can try wiping down the gasket with soap and water to ensure a tight seal. Do this whenever you use your dishwasher. 


Your ref is probably one of the most expensive things to repair and replace. Generally, your ref can live in between 11 to 19 years at most. However, you probably can make it live longer by cleaning it inside and outside.  

Clean the compressor coil by getting the dust off with a blower or a vacuum cleaner. 

It is also recommended that you avoid putting a lot of foods inside your ref, as it blocks the airflow inside, and this can overwork your compressor. When you are cleaning, make sure you pull out some food that you do not need.  

3.Washing machines 

A washing machine can last up to 14 to 15 years when properly and regularly maintained. A washing machine is not demanding. You just need to clean the water screens to avoid dirt built-up and the detergent drawer. This also helps remove debris that is accumulated.  

When you are using hard water, the minerals in it could build up in the valve and hoses. This potentially causes blockages in water and air. You can remove the build-up by filling your machine with cold water and a cup of vinegar (no clothes). The vinegar effectively removes the stains and minerals inside your valves and hoses. 

It is also recommended that you avoid putting too many loads in your washer, as it can strain the washer’s motor. 

4.Air Conditioner 

Generally, air conditioners can last up to 15 years. For this appliance, it is better that you have regular cleaning appointments with a professional air conditioner technician.  

However, you can also help its maintenance by changing the air filters twice or thrice a month. It is also recommended that you turn off the machine whenever it is not needed. This way, you are not exhausting your appliance that much and you also save some dollars from your electricity bills.