Rules and regulations in Counter-Strike Pro Matches

Rules and regulations for CS:GO tournaments are just as strict as any other sport. Cheating is met with heavy penalties or outright expulsion from many tournaments. What rules, gamemodes, maps, and settings are allowed are explicitly defined in the league’s rule guides while team managers work to maintain the integrity of their teams and keep things running smoothly. With the rise of professionalism among the teams, sponsors from AMD to Chipotle have helped to make these incredible competitions possible.

What will happen this year?

This year has been an exciting one for CS:GO already, with much more to look forward to. We saw both the PGL Major: Krakow and the ELEAGUE Major: Atlanta pit bitter rivals against each other in tense matchups, while the ESL successfully ran its Pro League Seasons five and six. Other tournaments were hosted by DreamHack and Intel, streaming to millions of viewers. The World Electronic Sports Games 2016 boasted the largest ever prize pool ever for a CS:GO tournament at $1.5 million dollars. 2018 already has several tournaments lined up, from another ELEAGUE Major to the second WESG tournament sporting another 1.5 million prize. The future will be exciting for CS:GO, no doubt about it.

Where to go now?

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